BLOGLiterary Calendar2019.02.07

To Horin-ji 's "Harikuyo" (Broken Needles) Festival

For those who like sewing or like crafting, there is an event that we would really like you to visit.

It is the Festival of Broken Needles (Harikuyo, in Japanese), held near Arashiyama and the Togetsuki Bridge.

It is an event that began 400 years ago, when memorial services were held to give appreciation for needles used in the Imperial Palace.

In the present day as well, needles received from the Imperial Family are used in this ceremony.

Every February 8th and December 8th, people gather around the Memorial Hall of the temple, carrying their used sewing needles.

They gently push their needles in a piece of konnyaku (soft jelly cakes) and thank them for their service.

It is a truly wonderful event to convey one of the concepts of Japanese animism: the fact that even objects have a soul that people must express appreciation to.


Kyoto City, Nishikyo Ward, Arashiyama Kokuzoyama-cho

5 minutes on foot from Hankyu Arashiyama station.

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