BLOGLiterary Calendar2019.09.20

Let's go to the Hagi Festival of Nashinoki Shrine, a famous place of Hagi

Hagi is one of the seven herbs of autumn.

It is a flower that decorates Kyoto in early autumn, which has been loved by people for a long time and composed many waka poems and haiku poems.

Nashinoki-jinja Shrine is famous for its beautiful bush clover called "Hagi-no-miya".

How about going to "Hagi Matsuri" where about 500 bush clover flowers bloom?

In 2019, it will be held from September 21 to 23rd.

During the period, there will be dedication of Kyogen (farce played during a Noh play cycle) and Mai (dance) ,
and you will be able to spend a hearty time while admiring Hagi flowers.

Please check out the Hagi amulets with beautiful Hagi flowers and the limited grant of Goshuin.

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