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Think of the Jidai Matsuri Festival ② Looking back at Kyoto's 1000 years in "Jidai Fuzoku Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant)"

The most exciting thing in Jidai Matsuri is "Jidai Fuzoku Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant)".

The procession marching from Kyoto Gyoen to Heian-jingu Shrine is so gorgeous as to look at a period picture scroll!

It is also interesting that the procession goes back to the Heian period from the Meiji period.

What is noteworthy is that about 2000 people dressed up in historical costumes!

The costumes of the period are faithfully reproduced by traditional craft techniques of Kyoto.

"Jidai Fuzoku Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant)" held on October 22 every year.

But this year, it will be changed to October 26.

Because why the "Sokui rei Seiden no gi (the ceremony to proclaim the enthronement)" will be held at the Imperial Palace.

It is the first year the era name was changed from "Heisei" to "Reiwa".

I would like to think about each era.

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