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Going to "Kiritoshi Shinshindo" in Gion to seek New Year's lucky charms "Fukutama"

For the red-light district of Kyoto, December 13 is "Koto-Hajime (beginning day)" when preparations for the New Year begin.

In the Kagai of Gion, there is an original custom that teahouses distribute lucky charms to Maiko and apprentice Geigi.

The lucky charm is a pink and white ball called "Fukutama".

It is Otoshidama for Maiko and Geigi, and fortune-telling for the New Year is done with "Engimono (lucky charms)" in it.

When you see Maiko and Geigi holding it or hanging from the eaves of shops in Gion, you suddenly feel like you are in the New Year!

Ordinary people can buy it, so why don't you enjoy the feeling of New Year's earlier?

However, it is a rule to break Fukudama after you finish listening to the bell of New Year's Eve.

Here is for "Koto Hajime at "Kitano Tenmangu Shrine"

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