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A Jizo will walk and come to grant my wish!?

December 24 is a day when the world is excited.

Do you know it's "Osame No Jizo" day?

It is a festival day for Jizo Bosatsu to thank Jizo for a year and pray for a new year of perfect health.

The "Kegon-ji Temple (Kegonji)", nicknamed the Suzumushi-dera Temple, has a "Ennichi Hoyo of Jizo Bosatsu".

Look at the foot of "Kouhuku Jizo (Happiness Jizo)" at Suzumushi Temple.

Surprisingly, he is wearing "Waraji (straw sandals)!

When you visit Suzumushi-dera Temple, give your name and address and make a wish.

It is said that a Jizo wearing "Waraji (straw sandals)" will come to make your wish come true on foot.

When it comes to Christmas, many people think of Santa Claus.

I pray at Suzumushi-dera Temple and make a wish.

And I would like to look forward to a Kouhuku Jizo (Happiness Jizo) coming by my pillow someday.

Suzumushi-ji Temple (Kegon-ji Temple)
31 Matsumuro Jie-cho, Nishikyo Ward, Kyoto City
Three minutes walk from Kyoto bus stop Koke-dera Temple and Suzumushi-dera Temple

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