BLOGLiterary Calendar2020.01.06

New Year's visit to "Shimogamo-jinja Shrine"

Happy New Year!

This is the first New Year's Day since the era name was changed from "Heisei" to "Reiwa".

Where did you go for Hatsumode (New Year's visit) ?

I went to "Shimogamo-jinja Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine)" which is also known as "Kemari Hajime".

A realistic mouse is drawn on the large Ema displayed in the Maidono.

In addition to the large Ema, there are also books such as "Yatagarasu" and "Reiwa" and "Eto (Oriental zodiac)" which are very impressive!

Also, there is a "Eto no Yashiro" in the precincts where you can pray to the god of your own Eto.

On January 10, there will be a "Hatsu Eto Matsuri (New Year's First Oriental zodiac Festival)".

How about receiving prayers at your "Eto no Yashiro"?

Then, I will continue to introduce the life in Kyoto.

Thank you.

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