BLOGLiterary Calendar2020.01.10

A seasonal tradition of Kyoto in the New Year "Gion no Ebessan"

The Seven Gods of Good Fortune on the treasure ship that I wanted to see in my first dream is right in front of me!

I waved my hands to the people along the street and asked them to share my blessings with the Seven Gods of Good Fortune who are smiling.

At a shopping street on Shijo-dori Street, Fukumusume and others were seen giving away Fukuzasa bamboo grass.

Fukuzasa bamboo grass is also presented in front of Ebisusha on January 9th and 10th.

When I pick up Fukuzasa bamboo grass with my favorite lucky charms, I feel that the new year has come.

I hope your business will be prosperous again this year!

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