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The Aoi Festival and mackerel sushi

Among the three major festivals in Kyoto, the Aoi-matsuri Festival is held in early summer when fresh green leaves are bright.

This year, "Roto no gi" on May 15 will be cancelled due to the effect of a new coronavirus.

In Kyoto, the custom of eating mackerel sushi (Mackerel) on the day of celebrations and celebrations has taken root.

The food culture of the townspeople, which is said to have originated in the Edo period, is essential for the dining table of Aoi Festival, Gion Festival and Jidai Festival.

There are many restaurants that specialize in mackerel sushi as well as the family's flavor that has been passed down from generation to generation.

In the Edo Period, seafood caught in the sea of Wakasa (Fukui) was carried to Kyoto by bearers.

The shortest distance is said to be approximately 72 km!

Wakasa's seafood is especially rich in mackerel, and the wisdom and ingenuity to keep the freshness of quick-footed mackerel by salt are born.

By the time they arrived in Kyoto, they had completely become salted mackerel and were highly prized in Kyoto, far from the sea.

The road that carried seafood was called Saba-kaido Road, and the Wakasa Kaido Road that connects Obama in Fukui and Demachi in Kyoto is especially famous.

葵祭と鯖寿司2_リサイズ済.jpg At the west end of Demachi-bashi Bridge, there is a stone monument inscribed with the words "Sabakaido guchi" which conveys history and food culture to this day.

It is located nearby the entrance to Saba Kaido "Sabakaido Hanaori Shimogamo".

It is a Kyoto mackerel sushi shop established in 1913, and you can buy mackerel sushi at an online shop now.

This year, it is not allowed to visit the roadside ceremony of Aoi Festival, but why don't you think about the festival while eating mackerel sushi?

Please check the official website for details.

Sabakaido Hanaore Shimogamo

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