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Carp streamers announcing the arrival of early summer

Carp streamers that swim in the sky for the Boy's Festival on May 5.

Recently, we rarely see them, but it is one of the features of early summer.

Many carp streamers are displayed in front of and around the entrance of Higashiyama Junior and Senior High Schools in Kyoto during this season.

It is a new specialty of a prestigious boys' school that has been held since 3 years ago in the hope of children's health and safety and academic achievement.

It is said that the number of carp streamers donated by guardians, school personnel and persons concerned was approximately 300.

They are swimming in front of a school entrance and over Shishigatani-dori, Lake Biwa Canal.

Last year, it was canceled due to a nationwide school closure caused by the novel coronavirus.

This year, it is being hoisted until around Thursday, May 6 in hopes of ending the novel coronavirus.


Established in 1868, Higashiyama Junior and Senior High School is one of the oldest private schools in Japan.

It is said that the origin of Gakumon-jo (school) was the establishment of gakumonjo (a school) in Chion-in Temple during the chaotic period at the end of the Edo period when the necessity of learning was advocated.

Eikando is a 1-minute walk, Nanzenji is a 2-minute walk, and Tetsugaku no michi is a 5-minute walk from there.

The Keage's azaleas at Keage water purification plant we introduced in Kyoto-Chishin the other day is also about a 10 minute walk.


Currently, 4 prefectures including Kyoto are under a state of emergency.

Please refrain from going to Kyoto during Golden Week, too.

How about enjoying Kyoto on the web without worrying about time and place?

I hope the world will become a place where children can spend their time cheerfully and freely like carp streamers.

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