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What is "Inoko no Hi" and "Inoko Mochi" ?

November 11 is "亥の子の日 (Inoko no Hi Day)".

The '亥 (I)' at the end of the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac means 'Inoshishi (wild boar)'.

In the past, not only the year but also the month and the day were expressed by the twelve signs of the oriental zodiac.

The month of boar is October in the old calendar (around November in the modern calendar), and the hour of boar is around 21 to 23 o'clock.

The day of boar changes every year, and November 11 in 2021 is the first day of the month of boar.

On Inoko no hi, we pray for the prosperity of descendants and good health following the wild boar with many children.

Inoko mochi 'has been eaten in "The month and the day of the boar and the hour of the boar" since ancient times.

Inoko mochi is, as the name suggests, a rice cake modeled after a child (uribou) of a wild boar.

It is said that it was introduced from China and started when it was held in the Imperial court in the Heian period.

There is a description of Inoko mochi in "The Tale of Genji," so Murasaki Shikibu might have liked it.

My favorite Inoko mochi is from Kanshundo Honten main store.

Three lines are inserted into the rice cake, and you can feel the cuteness of Uribo (baby wild boar).

We can also enjoy the flavor of white sesame mixed in gyuhi with double layer of white bean paste and mashed bean paste.

Also, it has been said that the boar of the twelve signs of the oriental zodiac can escape from fire.

For this reason, it is said that in the Edo period there was a custom to serve Irori fireplace or Kotatsu on the day of boar on the month of boar.

In Chanoyu (tea ceremony), I heard that Inoko Mochi was served as tea ceremony confectionery on the day of the boar as the day of the hearth.

Would you like to try Inoko Mochi on the month of boar, the day of boar, or the hour of boar, thinking of our ancestors?

Kanshundo Honten (The main store of Kanshundo)
292 -2 Kamihorizume-cho, Kawabata-dori Street Shomen sagaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Exit 5 or 6 of Keihan Shichijo Station

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