Aiming for the parfait of Ichijo-ji Nakatani

Ichijo-ji is an area perfect for walking around, full of fancy cafes and well-known temples.

In this serene town, there is a shop called "Ichijo-ji Nakatani", which is a recommended spot for both Japanese sweets and pastry lovers.

The cafe is managed by Japanese sweets master Mr. Nakabayashi and his wife - the pastry chef.

An embodiment of the harmony of their ideas and skills, their sweets are loved by clients of all ages.

What you want to eat, is the parfait with sweet beans jelly in their tea room!

You can taste the most quintessential blend of Japanese and Western sweets.

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Ichijoji Nakatani

Kyoto-shi, Sakyo-ku, Ichijo-ji Hananoki-cho 5

Near the City Bus stop "Ichio-ji Sagarimatsu-cho"

Recommended experience