The superb shaved ice from Shimogamo-jinja Shrine!

It's about time to feel the sign of autumn, but it's still hot, so I want to overcome the lingering summer heat with shaved ice.

Long time ago, Shimogamo-jinja Shrine (Kamomioya-jinja Shrine) preserved the snow that fell and piled up in winter into the Himuro (ice house) in Tadasu-no-mori Forest on the approach to the shrine.

In summer, they presented ice to the Imperial Court, and people ate ice to pray for good health.

Based on this historical event, how about the pure white shaved ice like the first snow called "Himuro no ice"?

It is served at "Saruya" only in summer which has a shop in Tadasu-no-mori Forest in Shimogamo-jinja Shrine.

There are three types of homemade syrup: "Maccha Azuki (sweet green tea with Azuki beans)" "Strawberry milk" and "Kuro-mitsu Shira-tama (dumplings with brown sugar syrup)".

When I ate fluffy shaved ice, it became cool and cool!

59, Shimogamo Izumigawa-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City (within the precincts of Shimogamo-jinja Shrine)
2 minutes walk from Tadasuno-mori City bus stop

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