Have a hot pot dish in Kyoto in winter ① "Negi Shio Lemon Nabe (Salted Welsh onion Lemon Pot dish)"

Because a cold wind called "Hiei-oroshi" blows, Kyoto in Winter is chilled to the bone.

If your body gets cold due to sightseeing or outing, please warm it up by eating a special pot dish.

When I was walking around Kamogawa River, I found a Izakaya named "Nouka Yasai Futagoya Pontocho" like a hidden place.

This restaurant serves exquisite dishes using vegetables delivered from a farm in Kyoto!

Why don't you have a drink around "Negi Shio Lemon Nabe (Salted Welsh onion Lemon Pot dish)" on a cold night?

The healthy hot pot that you can enjoy with a Welsh onion salt sauce on top of the Japanese dashi base is very popular with women!

Refreshing flavor of lemon and spice of green onion and salt make you addicted to it.

Nouka Yasai Futagoya Pontocho
133 -1, Hashishita-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 2F Emerald Kaikan
3 minute walk from Keihan Sanjo Station

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