Take away lunch of Maeda Coffee

"Maeda Coffee" is a coffee shop established in 1971 and, now it has 9 stores in Kyoto City.

Takeout trunks are sold at Muromachi main store, Oike store, and NOKU CAFE.

How about enjoying popular menus such as "Mixed Sandwich" and "Red Miso Omu Hayashi"?

All of them are 500 yen to 550 yen with a drink included, so they are very reasonable!

You can take out drinks such as iced coffee for 100 yen.

前田珈琲2_リサイズ済.jpgThe Manga Museum will reopen on June 1.

The Keihaku store (In Kyoto National Museum) and Kodaiji store will also reopen on June 2.

Business hours are shortened in both cases, so please check the official website.

I hear Meirin is closed for the time being.

In the online shop of Maeda Coffee, "Ouchi de Cafe Set" and so on appear.

A set of beans, a dripper, a coffee server and a paper filter used in the shop.

It seems that the time at Ouchi cafe, which has become a standard, will become richer.

We also have the perfect gift for Father's Day.

Maeda Coffee Online Shop

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