Eirakuya's new product "Kohaku Lemon no Shizuku"

It's getting sweaty before the rainy season starts!

On a hot and humid day, I would like to have a refreshing and refreshing snack.

This time, we will introduce the new products of Eirakuya which produces Kyoto Tsukudani and Kyoto confectionery.

They are sold for a limited time from June 1 to late August "Kohaku Lemon no Shizuku".

Sweet containing lemon in amber of agar confectionery, perfect for summer.


"Kohaku (Amber)" is a Japanese sweet made of agar and sugar in the shape of like a gem.

We can enjoy unique crisp texture and soft texture of agar inside.

Uses "eco lemon" produced in Setoda, Hiroshima Prefecture, which you can eat the lemon peel without worries.

Fresh fragrance and gentle acidity are perfect for the coming season.

レモンの雫_リサイズ済3.jpgThis is a "Amber assortment" that contains 3 items, including "Kohaku Lemon no Shizuku".

In addition, there is also "Wa Nagomi", which is a combination of three tsukudani dishes.

Eirakuya's unique combination of "Spicy food (Tsukudani)" and "Sweet (confectionery)".

How about not only for your time at home, but also for a summer greeting?

Please check the online shop for details.

永楽屋_リサイズ済.jpgThe Eirakuya main store and the head office shop were reopened on May 21, and the Takashimaya Kyoto store and the Daimaru Kyoto store were reopened on May 25.

In addition, the main shop's coffee shop, the Muromachi store, Tokyo shop, and Umeda Daimaru shop will reopen on June 1.

*Please check the business hours at each store.

Shall we enjoy shopping at the online shop until I can go out completely?

Eirakuya Online Shop

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