A new shop where you can take out shaved ice

"Shinpukan" will open on June 11 as a facility that includes popular hotels and movie theaters.

With about 20 stores lined up, including the first store in the Kansai region, it is expected to further expand the enjoyment of culture, gourmet food and shopping.

One of them is the long-awaited second store of popular cafe "Ocha To Sake Tasuki" in Gion!

You can take out shaved ice that was only available at Gion store such as "Matcha Green Tea Syrup" and "Roasted Green Tea Mitsu".

お茶とたすき_リサイズ済.jpgCocktail based "salmon ice" is also available as a menu limited to Shinpukan.

"Sake Gori (shaved ice with alcohol) Sencha (Green Tea) Gin Lime with Aoyama Pepper" is a taste for adults who want to enjoy moist.

How about enjoying the art called "shaved ice" which is expressed using seasonal materials?

お茶とたすき_リサイズ済2.jpgThey also serve tea cocktails and craft beer at "Ocha To Sake Tasuki Shinpukan".

This summer, I'd like to try classical shaved ice and enjoy the cool evening breeze.


Ocha To Sake Tasuki Shinpukan
586 -2 Bano-cho, Karasuma-dori Anekoji sagaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
Direct access to Karasuma Oike Subway Station

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