Western food of Kyoto, "Yoshoku Norakuro"

There are many famous Western restaurants in Kyoto.

The authentic Western food that was out of the reach of ordinary people in the Meiji period was arranged for the masses in the Taisho period.

With the spread of casual lunches for Japanese, Western-style restaurants have opened one after another.

Especially in the Shimogamo area, there are famous old-fashioned Western-style restaurants.

This time we will introduce you to "Yoshoku Norakuro", which is located on Shimogamonaka-dori Street, one street west of Shimogamohon-dori Street.

Established in 1934, the shop is named after the famous old manga "Norakuro".

You can enjoy various set meals such as hamburgers, fried prawns and crab cream croquettes.

The recommended menu item is the Hamburg steak, fried shrimp and crab cream croquette set "B Set Meal".

Fried bread crumbs are crispy and light, and hamburger is juicy!

The large fried shrimp is also plump and comes with homemade tartar sauce.

"Turkish rice" which is served only during lunch time is one of the specialties.

"Norakuro Omelet Rice" with chicken rice topped with soft-boiled egg and sliced cutlet.

This dish goes well with rich corn soup and makes you want to eat it whenever you think of it.

Yoshoku Norakuro
69 Shimogamo Miyazaki-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
Close to Tadasu-no-Mori City bus stop

*Unfortunately, it went out of business on December 27, 2020.

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