Takagi Coffee Takatsuji Honten (Main Store)

There are many Maiko and Geiko purveyors gourmet in the Kagai of Gion.

Typical examples are "Fukuya Rice" by Grilled Tomikuya and "Mamezushi" by Gion Mame Tora.

The menu is designed to be eaten elegantly in one bite, so ordinary women will be happy too.

There is an unexpected menu that you can eat in one bite around Shijo-Karasuma, a business district a little far from Kagai!

It is "Pork cutlet curry" in "Takagi Coffee Takatsuji Honten (Main Store)" and the cutlet is cut into bite-sized pieces and served.

The cutlet curry that can be eaten easily is also recommended for hungry women.

It's easy to scoop the cutlet with a spoon, so I think I can carry it to my mouth gracefully.

高木珈琲_リサイズ済2.jpg"Takagi Coffee Takatsuji Honten (Main Store)" has a variety of lunch menu which is attractive!

In addition to pork cutlet curry, omurice, pilaf, doria, and spaghetti are all Western food standards.

The set menu includes hamburgers, pork cutlets, fried fish, and mixed fries.

Snacks include sandwiches, hot sandwiches, cheese toast, and pancakes.

The food is also delicious!

There is also a Karasuma-branch on the east side down the Takatsuji of Karasuma-dori, right away from the Takatsuji main store.

Takagi Coffee Takatsuji Honten (Main Store)
175 Kotsuya-cho, Muro-cho Higashi, Takatsuji-dori Street, Shimogyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
6-minute walk from Shijo Subway Station

Here is for Western food of Kyoto, "Yoshoku Norakuro"

Recommended experience