Cold noodles "Homemade Noodle Tengu"

A summer afternoon, drawn to the cool "Cold noodles" banner.

You can go to the "Tengu" with homemade noodles at Kawaramachi Kojin-guchi on the east side of Kyoto Gyoen.

Homemade "Sasame" is used for this cold noodles.

Sasamen is thin, straight Chinese noodles made to go well with homemade broth.

It goes well with thinly sliced cucumbers and grilled pork, and it mixes well with Chinese sauce and passes through your throat smoothly.

The soy sauce-based Chinese sauce that uses udon broth as a secret ingredient has a sweet and rich taste.

In addition to the mustard paste, you can enjoy the change of taste with homemade mayonnaise.

They are particular about making their own noodles such as udon as well as sasamen "Tengu".

How about getting rid of the heat with cold noodles which is only available here?


Homemade Noodle Tengu
The first floor of the Lavalier, 80 Miyagaki-cho, Kojinguchi-agaru, Kawaramachi-dori Street, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
Near the city bus stop Kojinguchi

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