Legend of "Yurei Kosodate Ame" told in Kamigata rakugo and Ryuhon-ji Temple

There is a shop selling "Yurei Kosodate Ame (ghost child rearing candy)" which is a Kyoto specialty in Rokudo-no-tsuji.

It is called "Minatoya Yurei Kosodate Ame Honpo".

Rokudo-no-tsuji is the border between this world and the other world.

It is the second oldest restaurant in Kyoto that has been open there for more than 450 years.

The legend of "Yurei Kosodate Ame" has been variously told not only in Kyoto but also all over the country, and is also used as a theme of Kamigata Rakugo (traditional Japanese comic storytelling as performed in the Kyoto-Osaka region).

The common thing is that a woman comes to a candy store in Rokudo no Tsuji late at night to buy candy with only a one-mon coin.

This lasts six days, and on the seventh night, a one-mon coin that a woman offers to the owner of the candy store is replaced with a leaf.

The husband, wondering why, secretly follows the woman.

In rakugo (traditional comic storytelling), the graveyard of Kodai-ji Temple is where one reaches.

When the woman comes to the newly built tomb, she suddenly disappears.

It was the grave of a woman who died pregnant with a baby, and the cry of a baby from the grave ......

When the grave was dug up, a newborn baby was lying next to the dead body of the woman.

In rakugo, the rescued baby is brought up carefully by the couple and later becomes a monk of Kodai-ji Temple.

It ends with the punch line, "Ko-daiji (Kodai-ji Temple, "Ko wo daiji" means take care of your children.)".

Six-mon coin is the money that a deceased person needs to cross the Sanzu River.

The woman who gave birth in the grave after her death became a ghost and continued to buy candy for her child with the precious 6-mon coin.


It is said that the baby who survived with candy became a priest and became Nisshin Shonin of "Ryuhonji Temple" in Nishijin.

Since he was in a pot buried in a grave, Nisshin Shonin was nicknamed "Tsubo nisshin sama".

You can buy "Yurei Kosodate Ame (ghost child rearing candy)" at the shrine office of Ryuhon-ji Temple because it is deeply worshipped by the guardian of easy delivery.

The package is an original of Ryuhonji, so it's interesting to compare it with Minatoya's.

Ryuhon-ji Temple
107 Ichiban-cho, Shichihonmatsu-dori Ninnaji-kaido Agaru, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
Five minutes walk from the Senbon-Nakadachiuri bus stop of the city.

Here is for "Hyakki Yako Night Exhibition" at Kodai-ji Temple

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