Enjoy Kamogawa Noryo Bed and Takeout "Tokasaikan Main Store"

Every year from May to September, the Kamogawa Noryo-yuka is opened along the river from Nijo to Gojo on the west bank of the Kamogawa River.

In September, the Kamogawa Noryo-yuka for lunch time was reopened.

Only in May and September when the weather is good, it is a floor seat in the daytime which is open in some shops.

A long-established Beijing restaurant at the west end of Shijo-Ohashi "Tokasaikan Main Store".

The retro Vories building has a unique presence and is a symbol of Shijo-Ohashi bridge.



A famous restaurant where you can enjoy authentic traditional Beijing cuisine with a la carte or course meal.

It is also exciting to be guided to the guest rooms by the oldest existing manual elevator in Japan.

Classical and exotic furnishings and decorations, as well as views of the Kamogawa River and Minamiza from the window, are splendid!

Despite its high status, you can use the riverbed without a reservation, and it is also attractive that you can spend your time without taking off your shoes.

Kamogawa Noryo-yuka lunch is recommended in late September when the heat is relieved.


There are also takeout lunches where you can enjoy the taste of Tokanakan at home or at Kamogawa in front of you.

Especially, the lunch limited "華 Hana" is recommended as you can enjoy the popular subuta at a reasonable price.

The design of the wrapping paper and paper bag is beautiful, and I think it will be appreciated as a gift.


First of all, why don't you enjoy the traditional taste at riverbed or take out?

Tokasaikan Main Store
Shijo-ohashi Nishizume, Shimogyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
Right outside Exit 3 of Keihan Gion-shijo Station

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