"eXcafe breakfast" in collaboration with "Kyoto Neko Neko"

If we have a nice breakfast, we can start off the day comfortably.

A popular cafe "eXcafe Kyoto Arashiyama Main Store" located in the back alley of Arashiyama in Kyoto.

A cafe renovated from a former residence in the early Showa period, has a cute breakfast menu this fall.

"eXcafe breakfast" in collaboration with the sweets and bakery specialty store "Kyoto Neko Neko" in Kyoto.

You can enjoy cat shaped bread "Neko pan (bread in the shape of a cat)" with charcoal grilled toast.

eXcafe Kyoto Arashiyama main store is famous for "Hoku Hoku odango set" where you put your own dumplings on a charcoal brazier and grill them.

You can also enjoy cooking "cat bread" on a charcoal brazier to your liking.

Top with anko, butter, whipped cream, or fruit as you like.

It also comes with two "Mitarashi Dango (White and mugwort)" for breakfast dessert.

Fragrantly baked bread and dango go especially well with coffee among the set drinks.

イクスカフェ_リサイズ済2.jpgWhy not spend your busy morning elegantly in a Japanese modern shop surrounded by antique furniture?

The location overlooking the beautiful Japanese garden with the clear morning air is also a special treat.

For details, please check the Facebook and Instagram of eXcafe Arashiyama main store.

eXcafe Kyoto Arashiyama Main Store
35 -3 Sagatenryujitsukurimichi-cho, Ukyo Ward, Kyoto City
1 minute walk from Randen-Arashiyama Station

Here is for Facebook page of eXcafe Arashiyama Main Store.
Here is for eXcafe Arashiyama main store's Instagram.

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