Focus on the virtual shop of the furoshiki specialty shop "Musubi"

October 5 is "Zero Plastic Bag Day".

It has been exactly 3 months since charging for plastic bags was introduced nationwide on October 1.

Nowadays, there are many people who try to "Zero Plastic Bag Day" every day.

Do you carry your favorite eco bag?

I use a large "furoshiki (wrapping cloth)" as an eco bag.

I like the stability because I can wrap it according to what I bought.

It is convenient that it is not bulky even if you have several bags with different sizes.

There are many shops that sell furoshiki in Kyoto.

From classical designs to collaborated items, there are many things that can be used as a picture even if it is decorated as it is.

Among them, I would like to introduce you to a furoshiki specialty store that you should pay special attention to.

"Musubi" is produced by Yamada Senshi Co., Ltd., a Kyoto furoshiki manufacturer.

In September 2020, "Virtual Musubi" opened.

The inside of the Kyoto store and how to use the products are introduced in 3D on the web, and the flow is smooth.

You can find your favorite one as if you were actually walking in a shop.

You can purchase the items you like directly at the online shop.


The Kyoto branch also holds a small-group "Furoshiki Workshop".

Of course, you can also take measures to prevent infection such as social distance and wearing a mask.

If you want to take this opportunity to start or master the furoshiki lifestyle, why don't you participate?

For details, please check the official website of the furoshiki specialty shop Musubi.

You can also enter the virtual musubi shop from the top page.

Here is for the official website of the furoshiki specialty shop Musubi (Japanese site).

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