Shimogamo "Gratin House La Vienna"

When autumn comes, what food do you miss?

I like hot gratin more than anything else.

I like to cook it at home, but the gratin I eat at the restaurant is also special.

If the restaurant is a retro western style house, I feel even more excited.

For me, a dreamlike place is "Gratin House La Vienna".

We met at a quiet corner where we walked west from Kitayama subway station and went south on Shimogamohon-dori for about 10 minutes.

グラタンハウス_リサイズ済3.jpgAs the name suggests, this Western style cafe is famous for its gratin and doria.

In gratin and doria, white miso of Kyoto is used as a secret ingredient in milk and soy milk.

I couldn't decide which to choose from various menus, and I chose "Shrimp macaroni gratin lunch" on this day.

We could have a special seats with a view of the hydrophobic from the bay window.

I had a blissful time that made me want to sit here and eat gratin all the time.


In addition to gratin and doria, there are also Western dishes such as spaghetti and omurice.

At lunch time, we can use it for a cup of tea, so how about taking a break from "Walking around Shimogamo"?

A pleasant location within walking distance to the Kyoto Botanical Garden and the Kamogawa River is also attractive.

Gratin House La Vienna
51 Shimogamo Kitazono-cho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture
10 minutes walk from Kitayama Station on the subway

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