"Misokaan Kawamichiya", which is famous soba restaurant since the Edo period

I was looking for cold soba (noodles) this summer.

As autumn deepens, I change my mind to warm soba.

In Kyoto, it is not uncommon to find long-established stores that have been in business for 300 or 400 years.

"Misokaan Kawamichiya" located in Fuyacho-dori streed Sanjo is one of them.

It is a long-established restaurant that has been serving fresh soba since the Edo period and has been loved by many celebrities both in Japan and abroad.

When you go under the noren (a short curtain hung at the entrance of a room), you can see the tasteful tatami seats in the sukiya style interior.

There is a small room in the back, and you can see the garden from the chair seats where the wind passes.

Enjoy this year's seasonal flavor of new soba at "Nishin (soba noodle soup with herring)", "Kamo Namba (soba noodle soup with dag)", "Yamakake (soba noodle soup with grated yam)", etc.

You can add "Kisetsu gohan (Seasonal rice)" to your soba.


"Houkouro" is "nabe (hot pot)" with yuba, nori seaweed, spinach, quail egg, shiitake mushroom and kamaboko fish cake with soba and udon noodle.

"Houkouro" that is said to have been invented by the 14th generation owner is also a specialty of Misokaan Kawamichiya.

The stock that has been preserved for generations is used and the supplier of carefully selected ingredients is the same as it was then.

You can also enjoy Kyo-yasai (Kyoto vegetables) with special ingredients such as Kyo-kikuna, Karami-daikon (spicy radishes) from Takagamine, and Kamo-tai negi (green onions).

The soba is pounded with mountain yams from Tanba, making it a pot in which you can enjoy the unique flavor of Kyoto.

For a limited time until Wednesday, March 31, 2021, the annual "aromatic furnace" will be on the Internet.

I heard that there is a privilege only for those who see the website, so please check it.

You can take out "aromatic furnace" and some soba, so, how about it for a year-end party or toshikoshi soba?

Misokaan Kawamichiya
297 Shimohakusan-cho, Fuyacho-dori Sanjo-agaru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minute walk from Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae Station on the Kyoto City Subway

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