Have a cup of Amazake at "Kouji-ya Cafe".

The last day of the 24 divisions of the old calendar, "great cold" is said to be the coldest time of the year.

In 2021, the coldest season is from Wednesday, January 20 to Tuesday, February 2.

The drinks that warmed people's bodies in Kyoto that was chilled to the bone were Ameyu and Amazake.

Amazake, which is said to have originated in the Kofun period, was a drink for nobles until around the Heian period.

In the Edo period, Amazake sellers flourished in Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo, and it became popular among common people.

In the past, Ameyu and Amazake are sometimes served at Setsubun-e (the traditional end of winter), but this year, the festival was canceled due to the Corona disaster.

Why don't you warm your cold body with the authentic amazake from the fermentation cafe run by a long-established Kouji store?

糀カフェ_リサイズ2.jpgIt has its head office in Maizuru, Kyoto and sells fermented foods such as raw Kouji and miso "Osakaya Koji".

It is a long-established store that moved from Osaka to Maizuru in the Kanei era in the early Edo period and started business as "Osakaya".

Since its establishment, Kouji has been hand-made one by one over 3 days using traditional methods.

Japanese rice such as malted rice, wheat malted rice and pesticide-free malted rice are produced and sold throughout the year.

Sanjo-jingu-michi Road near Heian-jingu Shrine has "Osakaya Kouji Sanjo Jingumichi".

This restaurant has a cafe space called "Kouji-ya Cafe".

You can enjoy fermented food menu that makes use of Kouji such as Amazake, Ozoni with white miso, Miso soup set meal, etc.

Amazake contains no alcohol or sugar, and you can feel the mild sweetness of Kouji.

The grains of rice are soft and fluffy, and with ginger in it, I can feel that the core of the body becomes warm.

The Amazake made with 100% Kouji has almost the same ingredients as the drip and is good for controlling the intestines and recovering from fatigue.

There are many variations such as hot milk Amazake latte and hot cocoa Amazake with tapioca.

In addition to takeout, you can order raw Amazake powder, so how about at home?

For details, please check the official website of Osakaya Koji shop.

Osakaya Koujiten Jingumichi-ten
181 Nakanocho, Sanjo-dori Jingudo Higashi-iru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Higashiyama Subway Station

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