Coffee and restaurant "DORF"

The Kyoto National International Conference Center is located next to the nature rich Takaragaike Koen Park.

It opened in 1966 as Japan's first international convention center.

Near the Kokusaikaikan subway station, there are many shops I want to stop by on the way to Takaragaike.

I will introduce you to the coffee and restaurant "DORF" established in 1979.

"DORF" means "village" in German.

It is like one of the villa in Germany, and there are real fireplace and antique furnishings in the store.

On a cold day, the fireplace flickers and we can see a scene that really looks like we came to a villa in a foreign country.

Out of the many dishes on the menu, what I had on that day was the "DORF lunch Set (Hamburg Steak & Fried Shrimp)".

Fried Shrimp is thin but full of meat, and it has a rich taste.

In addition to lunch, we have a variety of menu from morning to dinner and tea time!

The coffee served in the cup of Richard Ginori is also the pride of the restaurant.

We can enjoy authentic Western dishes such as tongue stew,too.

In addition to homemade scones, there are also cakes and cookies that can be taken out, making it a great souvenir.

This is a restaurant that you will want to visit many times to enjoy various dishes such as breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Also, there is a sun room on the south side, and it is a good place to sit on a sunny day.

From the sun room, we can see the zelkova tree, the symbol of the shop, and it is also a picturesque space.

I would like to visit in autumn when the zelkova trees, which are about 280 years old, turn red.


Coffee & Restaurant DORF
4 Iwakura Higashigotanda, Sakyo-ward, Kyoto
5 minutes walk from Kokusaikaikan Subway Station

Here is for Relax in Takaragaike Koen Park

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