Kamo eggplant fried with shrimp and squid with Chili pepper

When it gets hot, I want to eat spicy food.

Kamo Nasu (Kamo eggplant), one of Kyoto's traditional vegetables, is in season in summer.

Kamo Nasu is made mainly in Kamigamo, Kyoto and is characterized by its large round shape.

Also called "the queen of eggplants", the thick flesh does not easily crumble when boiled, and is used in various dishes.

It goes well with hot spices such as red pepper, and it may be a Kyoto vegetable which can be called "the queen of summer".

"Madame Ko-ran" is a Chinese restaurant where we can enjoy seasonal dishes made with seasonal Kyoto vegetables.

We can enjoy "賀茂茄子麻婆 (Kamo Nasu Mabo, Kamo eggplant mabo)" and "賀茂茄子と海老・イカの唐辛子炒め (Kamo eggplant fried with shrimp and squid with Chili pepper)" only in summer.

"賀茂茄子麻婆" is a dish that makes use of a whole Kamo eggplant and looks exciting.

"賀茂茄子と海老・イカの唐辛子炒め" is appetizing with colorful ingredients.

The "賀茂茄子 (Kamo Nasu)" menu displayed at the entrance also has a Kyoto-like taste and taste.


"Madame Ko-ran" is located to the southeast of the Kyoto Imperial Palace, and is also an attractive Kyo-machiya (Kyoto Machiya Townhouse) with a calm atmosphere.

It is based on Chinese Szechuan cuisine, but for Japanese people, it brings out the flavor of the ingredients and has a light taste.

They use vegetable oil and almost no spices, so Chinese food that is only available here is popular.

The beautiful dishes made with lots of seasonal Kyoto vegetables are great for special occasions.

There are also many standard popular dishes, such as "Elegant Happousai" and "Tompo-Burger".

We can also take away them, so how about authentic Chinese food at home?

Under the state of emergency, both lunch and dinner are now open in less time.

Summer still has a long way to go, so we can make it in time even after the state of emergency is lifted.

Madame Ko-ran
The north side of Teramachi Higashi-iru, Marutamachi-dori Street, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
5 minutes walk from Marutamachi Station of Keihan Jingu Shrine.

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