Japanese Summer confectionery "Kyo ayu"

June 16 is "Wagashi no Hi (Japanese sweets Day)".

In 848, Emperor Ninmyo presented sweets and rice cakes related to the number of 16 to the altar by an oracle.

At the same time, he prayed for epidemic prevention and good health.

On this occasion, the era name was changed from "Jowa" to "Kasho," and June 16 became "Kasho no Hi (Day)".

Kasho means ' a happy sign '.

The "Kasho no Hi" lasted from the Heian period to the Edo period, and it is "Wagashi no Hi" that conveys this to the present.

Wagashi which expresses the taste of each season seems to bring good fortune to our house.


"Ayu (Sweet fish)" is a popular summer Wagashi in Japan.

This is a superb product in the shape of a jumping or swimming sweetfish in a clear stream, and it is displayed in various shops every summer.

My favorite is Kyokado Toshiyasu's "Kyo-ayu".

This product is characterized by its light blue bran skin, which is made with the motif of "Kyo-ayu", a specialty of the Katsura-gawa River.

Inside, there is a mixture of Yuzu citrus paste and transparent green agar, and it looks cool!

Not only can it be chilled, but it is also more delicious when frozen.

We can take it out of the freezer right before we eat it without defrosting it.

Even if we freeze it, we can enjoy its smooth texture and cool texture.

It is a limited time sale until the end of August.


"Kyokado Toshiyasu" is located on the Nijo dori Street Kawabata.

Founded in 1903, it is known as the confectioner of the Mushanokoji-senke tea ceremony.

One of the most famous confectioneries is ' Tou-tou', which is made by sandwiching koshian (sweet bean paste) containing Daitoku-ji natto (fermented soybeans) between fuyaki senbei (baked glutinous rice crackers).

The interior is a dignified space unique to a long-established store, and the wrapping string hanging from the ceiling makes me excited.

The wagashi decorated with beautiful wrapping paper and boxes are perfect for the present "Kasho no Hi".

Kyokado Toshiyasu
226 Namba-cho, Nijo-dori Kawabata Higashi-iru, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto City
6 minutes walk from Keihan Jingu Marutamachi Station

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