3 kinds of cucumbers Sandwiches

The 19th of every month except April is designated as "Ii Kyuri no Hi (Good Cucumber Day)".

Why is there no "Ii Kyuri no Hi (Good Cucumber Day)" in April?

That's because April 19 is "Yoi Kyuri no Hi (Fine Cucumber Day)"!

It is interesting that they were established by different groups.

It is said that 95% of the components of cucumber fruits are water.

For this reason, it has been useful for replenishing water in hot countries and regions since ancient times.

It also has the effect of cooling the body, so cucumbers are more likely to appear on the table in summer.

In honor of this "Ii Kyuri no Hi (Good Cucumber Day)", I will introduce cucumber sandwiches.


It is the special "3 kinds of cucumbers Sandwiches" of the cafe "Demachiza no Soko" in Demachi Masugata shopping street.

"Raw cucumber," "Pickled cucumber," and "cucumber Shiba-zuke tartar sauce" are sandwiched.

It's healthy and filling!

Fresh cucumbers are chopped after an order is placed and freshly made sandwiches are served.

The vivid pink of "Shibazuke Tartar Sauce" and the moderate sourness accentuates the appearance and taste.

The original package also has a nostalgic feel, and we can enjoy the detailed design.


Demachiza no Soko is a cafe located on the first floor of the movie theater Demachiza.

It is a new culture spot in Kyoto with a movie theater on the second floor and a bookstore and cafe on the first floor.

We can also use only cafe and bookstore without watching movies.

Unfortunately, we can't bring food into the movie theater because it's this time of the year.

I recommend tasting cucumbers in the cafe or to go.

There are various other menus, and it is a style to buy a meal ticket at a ticket vending machine in the shop.

Please take all possible measures against infectious diseases such as wearing a mask and disinfecting your fingers with alcohol.

Demachiza no Soko
133 Miyoshi-cho, Nishi-iru, Imadegawa-dori Demachi, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City (in the Demachi Masugata Shopping Street)
5 minutes walk from Keihan or Eiden Demachiyanagi Station

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