Kakigori (shaved ice) in a cafe run by a bean shop

I think there are many people who couldn't enjoy the summer like they wanted because of the coronavirus disaster and the long rain in Japan.

Now that the midsummer heat is back, as I remember, I look for the noren (curtain) of "氷 (Shaved ice)".

The cafe in Nishiki Ichiba Market which is known as the kitchen of Kyoto is unexpectedly a little-known place for Kakigori (Shaved ice).

"Kuromame Saan Kitao Nishiki ten"

It is a cafe specializing in black beans and azuki beans, and its specialties are Kuromame Gozen (black beans meal) and Kuromame Soft Cream.

Until around the end of September, "Monnoir", a shaved ice made from black beans, is also available.

The store's recommendation is that carefully selected black beans are made into a paste to make a Mont Blanc style.

My favorite is "Anju Mikan Shaved Ice" made from Anju Mikan in Tango Yura, Kyoto.

Each shaved ice comes with a black bean soft cream and 6 black bean chocolates.

We can also enjoy the nutritious taste of black beans.

The main store of "Kuromame Saan Kitao Nishiki Store" was established in Tanbaguchi in 1862.

Tanbaguchi, the starting and ending point of the Sanin-do, is one of the "Kyo no Nana Kuchi (Seven gates of Kyoto)".

Since its establishment, Kitao has been known for handling the finest quality black beans, red beans and sugar produced in Tanba area.

At "Kuromame Saan Kitao Nishiki Store" in Nishiki Market, there is a menu that uses carefully selected products.

Please stop by when we can go out.

It is also recommended to enjoy shopping on the official website of "Kitao" at home time.

There are not only bean products such as black beans, but also delicious ones for home use and gifts.

Kuromame Saan Kitao Nishiki Ten Store
192 Higashiuoya-cho, Nishikikoji-dori Fuya-cho Nishi-iru, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City (within Nishiki Ichiba Market)
3 minutes walk from exit 12 of Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

Here is for Kamo no Himuro no Kori (shaved ice)

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