Traditional Cold Noodles

During the late summer heat, we are attracted by banners of "冷麺 (Reimen, cold noodle) " and "冷やし中華(Hiyashi-chuka, cold noodle)".

In Kyoto and Kansai, there is a custom of calling Hiyashi-chuka, Reimen.

"Chinatokoro Takuma (Chinese restaurant)" is located in a narrow alley about 3 minutes' walk from Kojin-bashi Bridge over Kamo-gawa River.

It is a restaurant run by an elderly couple and crowded with regular customers.

"Today's set meal" is popular for lunch, and "Reimen" is served in summer.

Vinegared soy sauce based soup, thin Chinese noodles and colorful ingredients.

Cucumber, cabbage, tomato, shredded egg, jellyfish and ham, char siu are on cold noodle.

And a red cherry is placed on top of the evenly sliced ingredients.

The old-fashioned look and taste reminds me of summer lunch when I was a child.

I slurp cold noodles while watching TV at the restaurant at noon.

The coziness that makes me feel like I came to my grandparents' house for lunch is also attractive.

Regarding the coronavirus, I introduced it as one of the famous stores that I hope will continue for a long time.

Once the world has settled down, why don't you go out and taste "Machi-Chuka (Chinese in the town)"?

Chuka-dokoro Takuma (Chinese restaurant)
78 -4 Miyagaki-cho, Kojinguchi-agaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
A short walk from Kojinguchi, City bus stop

Here is for Kamo no Himuro no Kori (shaved ice)

Here is for Kakigori (shaved ice) in a cafe run by a bean shop

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