The confection that reminds us of the Great Buddha of Kyoto

I introduced the remains of the Great Buddha of Kyoto, in "Kyoto Chishin" the other day.

In this article, I will introduce you to Kanshundo Honten, a long-established Kyoto confectionery shop with a shop curtain in front of Kawabata-dori Street.

"大佛餅 (大仏餅, Daibutsu-mochi rice cakes)" is what is called' Kyoto Rakuto Meibutsu (Specialty) 'here.

Mochi, rice cake which used to be sold in the old store in front of the gate of Hoko-ji Temple is reproduced.

During the Edo period when Daibutsu (Great Buddha) was enshrined in Hoko-ji Temple, it was a famous product known to foreign countries.

I heard that on the day of "Daibutsu mode", it was crowded with people who were purchasing Daibutsu-mochi rice cakes.

Daibutsu and the old shop in front of the gate of Hoko-ji Temple disappeared, but "Daibutsu-mochi" has been handed down in Kanshundo.


"Daibutsu-mochi" is made by carefully pounding domestic glutinous rice with a pestle and wrapping it with mashed red bean paste, based on the manufacturing method of the Edo period.

In addition, as it was at that time, the brand of "京大佛" was stamped on it, and this is a superb item that has been carefully selected.

Each one is handmade by a craftsman, and the soft rice cake melts in your mouth.

Rice cake which is so soft that its shape changes when you hold it by hand is addictive and delicious.

Please try the famous confectionery which is introduced in "Miyako Meisho Zue pictures" published in the late Edo period.


At the Kanshundo East branch in front of Toyokuni Shrine's Torii-mae, there is a sign saying "京の大佛餅所 (Kyoto's Daibutsu Mochi-dokoro)."

This shop has "Sahori" and serves tea menu.

There is also "大佛餅氷" until around the end of September, and surprisingly, Daibutsu Mochi is on shaved ice.

The large number of adzuki beans on the ice of kuromitsu kinako Kintoki somehow resembled the spiral hair of the Great Buddha.

We can also buy "大佛餅" at the shops of Kanshundo main store and Kanshundo east store.

The Great Buddha of Kyoto is said to have been one of the three great Great Buddha of Japan during the Edo period.

How about enjoying the "大佛餅" that has been loved by people while imagining its appearance?

Kanshundo Honten (The main store of Kanshundo)
292 -2 Kamihorizume-cho, Kawabata-dori Street Shomen sagaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Exit 5 or 6 of Keihan Shichijo Station

Kanshundo Higashi Mise (The east store of Kanshundo)
511 -1 Chayamachi, Yamatooji-dori Street Shomen-sagaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
7 minutes walk from Exit 5 or 6 of Keihan Shichijo Station

Here is for Remains of the Great Buddha of Kyoto

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