Winter limited noodles simmered in skim soup

"Ritto" is when the air becomes cold and signals the beginning of winter.

It is one of the 24 sekki (24 Divisions of The Solar Year) , and the first day of winter in 2021 is November 7, and period is until November 21.

According to the calendar, from this day to the day before the first day of spring in February is' winter'.

In "Jikaseimen (Homemade Noodle) Tengu" of Kojinguchi, the winter limited menu tells the arrival of winter.

This "霜ふりうどん (Shimofuri Udon noodle)" and "霜ふりささめん (Shimofuri Sasamen noodle)" are the specialties of this restaurant where the noodles are stewed in Kasujiru (sake lees).

Shrimp tempura, egg and beef are also boiled, and it goes well with rich and mild sake lees.

If you like spicy taste, you can enjoy the change of taste by adding extra fresh chili pepper.

It is hot until the end and warms your body and heart. This is a great item that you will definitely want to try in the coming season.


"Kasujiru (sake lees)" has been popular in places like Kyoto and Kobe where sake brewing is popular.

I think there are many people who have become aware of the deliciousness when they grow up.

"Shimofuri udon noodle" and "Shimofuri sasamen noodle" are delicacies that make you full with just one bowl.

"Sasamen" is homemade thin and straight Chinese noodles.

"Shimofuri sasamen" was originally a meal menu of the restaurant.

After that, they served it on the back menu and it became a winter limited menu.


Also, the "JIkaseimen Tengu" has a variety of rice dishes such as egg rice bowl, oyako rice bowl and Kinugasa rice bowl.

Donburi bowls are available for takeout, so you can eat them at home!

Jika Seimen (Homemade Noodle) Tengu
First floor of 80 Lavalier, Miyagaki-cho, Kojinguchi-agaru, Kawaramachi-dori, Kamigyo-ku Ward, Kyoto City
A short walk from Kojinguchi, City bus stop

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