Superb Sandwich at Cafe Amazon

Higashiyama Shichijo is surrounded by famous places such as Kyoto National Museum, Sanju-sangen-do hall and Toyokuni-jinja Shrine.

Let me introduce you to the "Cafe Amazon" that you want to visit in between sightseeing and worship.

It is a coffee shop established in 1972 and has been loved by the locals as a place to relax.

What I really want to try at this restaurant is the wide variety of sandwiches and toast sandwiches.

I also recommend you to eat a sandwich made of carefully selected bread with toast.

The most popular mix toast is Sandoz with fluffy eggs and fresh vegetables.

"Egg toast" sandwiched between fluffy thick omelet has a gentle flavor that spreads in your mouth.

"Japanese style toast", which is a combination of dashimaki and nori, is also popular.

Toast sandwiches and home-roasted original coffee will soak into your cold body.

There is also a lunch menu, and this time I ordered "this week's lunch set".

The set of "Avocado Toast" and "Ham Sandwich" is voluminous!

"Ham sandwich" is crisp lettuce and cucumber.

"Avocado Toast" is Japanese style toast topped with dried bonito flakes and dried seaweed and it is hot.

Sandwiches and toast can be enjoyed easily, but they are delicious to chew slowly.


The cafe Amazon features a brick building and a red arcade.

In addition to the counter seats and table seats on the first floor, there are also counter seats and table seats on the second floor.

When I look at Shichijo-dori from the counter seat on the second floor, I forget how time passes.

There is also a takeout menu, but why don't you try a sandwich that is just made at the store?

Kissa Amazon (Cafe Amazon)
235 Shimohorizume-cho, Shiwamachi-dori Shichijo-agaru, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto City
2 minutes walk from Keihan Shichijo Statio

Recommended experience