A Dose of Sweets at Kagizen

If you are going to Gion, here is the Japanese sweets store I really recommend you to try.

In this sweets store founded at the year of Kyoho during the Edo period, one can have a feeling of history and style from its Noren curtains with crest prints and baking molds of sweets decorated around the store.

One of the iconic products is the soybean sweets, "Kikujyuto" made in the shape of a chrysanthemum.

The beautiful and delicate visual presentation, not to mention the smooth texture and the elegant sweetness, has no words to describe it.

Once you try it, you will never forget.

Slowly sipping tea inside a warm room and carefully tasting precious the sweets one by one...

Wouldn't you like to experience such a luxurious moment?

For more information about the fifteenth generation owner of Kagizen Yoshifusa shop, Imanishi Yoshiya, please click here.

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