In spring, make your fingertips fashionable by "Gofun manicure"

When the temperature rises and the cherry blossoms bloom, you feel excited.

How about taking care of your nails' fashion and have them done in the spring?

For this, we recommend the "Gofun" manicure of "Ueba Esou".

It is a store of Japanese paintings in Kyoto specialized in nails.

In "Gofun", we gently take care of your nails and color them.

There are many colors to choose from: more than 30 kinds, all with beautiful names, such as pomegranate (red-pink) or maiden colors.

How about enjoying collecting all of the colors each time you come to Kyoto?

More information about the 10th boss of "Ueba Esou", Ms. Yumi Ishida is here

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