Harvest moon ② Tsukimi Dango in Kyoto looks like taro (a kind of potato) !?

We can see Tsukimi Dango (moon viewing dumprings) at Japanese confectionery shops in this season.

Tsukimi Dango in Kyoto is characterized by a long thin white dango wrapped around the bean paste.

The harvest time of taro (a kind of potato) is just the same as the harvest time of the harvest moon.

Since taro is offered together with Tsukimi Dango, the harvest moon is also called "Imo Meigetsu (Potato Moon) ".

And There is a theory that the unique shape of Tsukimi Dango in Kyoto imitates taro.

The standard round moon viewing dumplings are also lined up at the front of the store.

It is fun to look for something to eat at moon viewing!

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