Enjoy the long autumn nights ② Enchanted by the soft light of Andon (paper-covered lanterns)

It's getting dark earlier these days.

Kyoto is in the tourist season.

It is also a fun season to drink or listen to music at night and spend a moist time at home.

Why don't you change the lighting of the room to a light and relax more?

The Andon of "Suzuki Shofudo" which has a variety of Japanese paper goods has a nice external cylinder that is handmade one by one by a craftsman.

With patterns of flowers and plants emerging from the soft light, it's easy to forget the passage of time just by looking at them.

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Suzuki Shofudo
409 and 410 Izutsuya-cho, Rokkaku sagaru, Yanagibaba-dori, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto City
10 minute walk from Shijo Subway Station

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