"Kabuki-dango" is a dumpling that I want to enjoy in Shiwasu (December) in Kyoto

In late November, a signboard "Maneki" with the names of the Kabuki actors appeared in front of the "Minamiza theatre".

"THE FESTIVE KAOMISE PRODUCTION" featuring popular actors from the east and west, has also started.

The mood at the end of the year in Kyoto has suddenly risen!

When I think of Kabuki, I think of "Kabuki-dango (dumpling)".

The color combination of brown, white and green makes this dumpling look like the curtain of Kabuki.

You will be able to find it at "Fukueido" near "Minamiza theatre" and popular "Futaba Demachi" with their famous Mame-mochi.

It is sold regardless of the season, but it is a dango (dumpling) that you want to enjoy along with the features of Shiwasu (December) in Kyoto.

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