Japanese sweets associated with the Gion Festival

The Gion-matsuri Festival in Kyoto in 2020 began quietly, starting with the introduction on July 1.

Unfortunately, there is no practice of Ohayashi this year and Yamahoko floats are not lined up.

It's July that I've never experienced before, but I want to enjoy the special feeling of Gion Festival just by feeling.

A long-established Japanese confectionery shop near the bottom of the stone steps of Yasaka Shrine serves fresh sweets from July, which is associated with the Gion Festival.

"Onkashi-tsukasa Kagizen Yoshifusa" was established in the middle of the Edo period (1716-1736).

"Gion Bayashi" is a refreshing one with transparent sweet red bean jelly.

Among the "Kingyokukan", which looks like an obi, there are three types of bean paste, which are likened to the drums, flutes and gongs used in Gion bayashi.

I'm excited by the design unique to July that I can almost hear the sound of Ohayashi.

Also, "Nouryou" which is made by wrapping Shirokoshi-an in Uiro dough, is an unbaked sweet imitating Uchiwa fan.

The sight of people enjoying the cool evening breeze, wind chimes swaying in the eaves, and other scenes of summer seem to come to mind.

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