The fine bakery named "Asa okitara Mama no Mama"

Surprisingly, Kyoto is known for boasting the highest level of "bread" consumption in Japan.

​There are bakeries in various places in "town of bread", and recently there are many shops specializing in high quality bread.

​One of them is the "Asa okitara Mama no Mama (When she gets up in the morning, she's mommy's mom)" opened across the Kamogawa Gate of the Kyoto Botanical Garden.

​Mr.Takuya Kishimoto, a popular bakery producer, is said to have created the name.

​"Mama no Mama (Mommy's mom)" means "Granma", you know.

​At the store, there are 2 kinds of bread, "Freshly Baked Granma" and "Granma's bean bread".

​The bread dough uses carefully selected ingredients such as milk from Jersey beef, fresh cream, and raw sugar from Okinawa.

​The bean bread is kneaded with Japanese bush warbler beans of "Anko made in Yamanashi" in Higashiyama Sanjo, Kyoto for a milky taste.

​In any case, it is recommended to eat it without toasting from the day of purchase to the next day.

​After that, you can enjoy crunchy and fluffy texture if you slice it a little thicker and toast it.

"It is surprisingly delicious when you eat it in the morning." of course, but what excited me was the design of the paper bag.

​The picture that reminds me of the cover of my favorite foreign picture book series brings back the morning of my childhood.

​Asa okitara Mama no Mama
​31 -1 Kamigamo Sakurai-cho, Kita Ward, Kyoto City
​5 minutes walk from Subway Kitayama Station

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