If you want "good meat", go to "Demachi Okada Shokai"

In Japan, the 29th day of each month is called after the play on words from 29 (niku) "Niku no Hi (Meat Day)".

Among them, November 29 is the "Ii Niku no Hi (Good Meat Day)".

When people in Kyoto say "meat," they mean beef, not pork or chicken.

Surprisingly, beef culture has taken root in Kyoto since ancient times.

"Demachi Okada Shokai" in Demachi Shopping Street is a long-established butcher shop long loved by people in Kyoto.

They serve carefully selected Japanese black beef that is "BEST BEEF BEST COOKING (Good meat produces good taste.)".

With the motto "Every day is on sale." domestic beef and pork, which are good for the family budget, are displayed in the showcase.

There are also croquettes, minced pork cutlet, skewered pork cutlet, ham cutlet, and beef cutlet.

If you want, they will fry it at the restaurant, so it is convenient to put it on the table as soon as you get home.

You can pour the sauce over the croquettes and eat them right away.

出町岡田_リサイズ4.jpgIf the weather is good, it would be good to eat something hot at the riverside of Kamogawa or a delta just a short walk from the shop.

But please be careful because the kite above the Kamogawa River is always aiming at food.

For them, every day may be "Ii Niku no Hi (Good Meat Day)".

Demachi Okada Shokai
239 Seiryu-cho, Imadegawa-agaru, Kawaramachi, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
6 minutes walk from Keihan Demachiyanagi Station

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