Fresh vegetables cut into decorative pieces for Setsubun event

Why not add a cute "ogre" to the Setsubun meal?

Setsubun is division of seasons and the last day of winter is February 2, this year.

"Nishiki Kawaichi (Kawaichi Shoten)" is a fruit and vegetable store established in 1955, with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, including seasonal Kyoto vegetables.

It is located in the middle of Nishiki Ichiba Market.

In this shop, the original "Setsubun set" is sold in limited quantity.

Kintoki carrot ogre, pumpkin leave, purple sweet potato ogre's stick, Kintoki carrot and Japanese radish plum flowers ......

These vegetables cut into decorative pieces will tickle my heart.

The ogre has dignified eyebrows, squinted eyes, straight nose, raised corners of the mouth, and a charming expression!

The Masu (box), which contains all of these ingredients, is also made of Japanese radish, so it is appealing that you can eat the whole thing.

How about adding some dressing on the Japanese radish if you'd like and eat it like a salad?

The ogre and plum flowers of decorative pieses seem to be good as a side dish for a lunch box.

It is also a fun time to ask shopkeeper, who is very friendly, about his recommended way of eating!

Nishiki Kawaichi
177 Higashiuoya-cho , Nishikikoji-dori Yanaginobanba-higashi-iru , Nakagyo Ward , Kyoto City (Nishiki Ichiba)
5 minutes walk from Hankyu Kyoto Kawaramachi Station

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