Nishijin Specialty "たんきり飴"

At the change of the season when we tend to cough. And in this day and age, we are worried about the eyes around you even if we wear a mask.

Do you know there is a candy called "たんきり飴 (Tankiri Ame, phlegm removal candy)" in Nishijin, Kyoto?

Nishijin has prospered as a town of textiles for a long time, and many textile craftsmen gathered there.

The yarn-dyed fabrics produced in Nishijin are called "西陣織 (Nishijin-ori : brocade)" and are a traditional craft of Kyoto known worldwide.

"Tankiri Ame" is said to have protected the throat of craftsmen in workshops where lint and dust are scattered.

It is a famous product of Nishijin which is sold at "Tankiri Ame Honpo" in Teranouchi, Omiyadori.


It is established in 1875, and "Tankiri Ame" is a simple candy with only natural ginger juice added.

The recipe is secret, and there are two types, sweet and dry.

The sweet taste that I bought this time tasted ginger while licking and made my throat clear!

I recommend you to buy both sweet and spicy and compare them.

Tankiri Ame that have protected the throat of Nishijin weavers textile craftsmen from old times are also famous products made by Nishijin's candy craftsmen.


It is said that people from the Kansai region carry around a "Ame chan (candy)" but it is difficult to give and receive it to others now.

I feel like Suchiko in 'Yoshimoto Shin-Kigeki' has stopped throwing candy from the stage to the audience.

Nowadays, there may be many people who don't have many chances to get candies from others in Kansai.

I hope the world will calm down soon and the culture of giving and receiving candy will return.

Tankiri Ame Honpo
107 Kakaiin-cho, Teranouchi-sagaru, Omiya Street, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto City
3 minutes walk from Horikawa-Teranouchi, City bus stop

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