Enjoy the taste of Kyoto's famous restaurants at home

Restaurants in Kyoto have been severely damaged by the prolonged coronavirus.

Why don't you enjoy the taste of the famous restaurant that Kyoto is proud of at home now that you can't go out easily?

Special orders from the Kyoto Food Premium Food Consortium are on sale.

The "Kyo no Shoku" Premium Food Consortium was established in cooperation with the food industry and producers.

An assortment of "Kyo no Ryofu Zen" prepared by famous restaurants in Kyoto will be offered at a bargain price for a limited period.

You can support the food industry and producers while enjoying the dishes of famous restaurants in Kyoto at home.

The menu consists of a set meal, meal kit, and pot set, and the "assortment of Kyoto's tastes" that you can choose from.

"Kikunoi," "Ginkakuji Onishi," and "Moritaya" serve meals, meal kits and hot pot sets.

You can choose one of your favorite dishes from the many famous restaurants in Kyoto, so it's a must-see.

Among them, Gozen was developed using ingredients from Kyoto, and it is a special menu only here.

Here is an example of the set meal, meal kit, and pot set.


Kikunoi, a long-established restaurant that represents Kyoto, has been selected as one of the three Michelin stars.

"Hamo nabe with Kyoto vegetables" is a dish in which you can enjoy seasonal foods of Kyoto such as conger pike, Kamo eggplant, Manganji red pepper and Mibu vegetables.


"Kyo Ryori Toriyone" is located near Arashiyama and Matsunoo-taisha Shrine with a short curtain.

They serve "Kyo no Ouchi Gohan" where you can reproduce Kaiseki cuisine at home.

It is said to have been jointly developed by the same restaurant, "Kyoyuba Yubasho," "Kyo-Konbuho Tanaka," and "Matcha Ryori Tatsumiya."


"Onikudokoro Ginkakuji Onishi" offers the best quality beef at a reasonable price.

Enjoy Kyoto Tamba Hirai beef, Kujo leek, Kyoto mizuna, and Kyoto tofu in the "Kyoto vegetable sukiyaki set".

You can enjoy Sukiyaki at home that is unique to a restaurant directly managed by a long-established butcher shop that is particular about buying one head.


Established in 1869, Moritaya is known as a pioneer of beef restaurants in Kyoto.

We deliver 450 grams of Kyoto black beef (shoulder roast, kata) including Kujo green onions and Kyo tofu.


Matcha Ryori Tatsum 10 iya started as a tea wholesaler in Uji City in the late Edo period in 1840.

The "Colorful Uji Gozen" that is filled with seasonal ingredients is visually enjoyable.


It is including "Kyoto Taste Assortment", the total will be 20,000 yen.

This is a special price of 10,000 yen (tax and shipping included), which is a great chance only for now.

You're also curious about the Kyoto Taste Assortment.

"Sake" made from rice grown in Kyoto, "high-grade gyokuro tea" or "Matcha" from Kyoto.

"Suguki" and "Shibazuke" that uses vegetables from Kyoto.

These assortments are chosen randomly from several brands, so look forward to which one will delivered!

Special online sales

The "Kyo no Ryofu Zen" introduced this time can be purchased from the website of the "Kyo no Shoku" support project.

Both are on sale for a limited time until Thursday, September 16, but they are sold out when the total number of orders reaches 20,000.

Participating stores will be changed one by one, so please come to the store you are interested in as soon as possible!

Of course, there are menus of shops other than the ones we introduced this time.

Please check the website of "Kyo no Shoku" support project for details such as participating shops and how to order.

Kyoto Food Support Project Official Website

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