Wandering around① What are agaru (上ル), sagaru (下ル) and iru (入ル)?

When looking at a written address of the city center of Kyoto, you might have encountered some mysterious words such as "agaru" (上ル), "sagaru" (下ル), "nishiiru" (西入ル).

Actually, "agaru" means "to the North", "sagaru" - "to the South", and "nishiiru" - "to the West".

Of course, there is also "to the East" ("higashiiru").

Because the city of Kyoto is a grid of streets, moving around is easy if you just remember this rule!

If you see directions with XX street "agaru" and YY street "higashiiru", the correct way to go is north up XX street and then turn right (to the east) at the intersection with YY street.

For the blog of weather forecaster "「上ル」ごとに寒くなる" (Lit. "The farther North you go the colder you get") check here

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