Wandering around②Let's use Kyoto's bus to move

Kyoto is a city full of buses.

If you take a bus from Kyoto station, you can go to all the main sightseeing spots.

I want you to know there are 3 kinds of buses: "City buses" (green), "Kyoto buses" (red and white), and "West Japan JR buses" which go to Takao (the area with Kosanji).

City buses are convenient within the city for they have more than 100 routes.

You should take a bus from the back door and get off from the front door, paying the fare when you get off.

In addition to the IC card, please also check your one day pass.

When taking a bus, it is convenient to deposit large suitcases or trolleys in coin lockers at the station beforehand.

The bus/railway transfer guiding system called "Arukumachi KYOTO" is really convenient, because you'll be able to search travel routes and arrival times of 19 bus/railway transit spots operating in Kyoto city.

Wandering around① What are agaru (上ル), sagaru (下ル) and iru (入ル)? is here

The bus/railway transfer guiding system called "Arukumachi KYOTO" is here

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