The preparation of New Year's at "Nishiki-Ichiba" in Shiwasu (December)

If you were to come to Kyoto in December, we would recommend you to go to "Nishiki Ichiba".

It is often said to be Kyoto's kitchen, and it is fun place to visit all year round.

However, the visit to the place during this season is special.

To prepare for the year-end and the start of the new year, a variety of ingredients and decorations are available, and the place is bustling with the local people.

From vividly colored nama-fu (blocks of wheat gluten mixed with rice flour), kuwai (arrowhead) cut into decorative shapes, celebratory sea breams, shimenawa (a sacred rice straw festoon) ornaments, there are many ingredients that would make you excited just by the sight of them.

By adding a kyoto-ingredient into your yearly new year preparation soba or osechi (a japanese traditional new year's dish), it could change your mood.

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