"Koyakunozushi" - A view filled with Kyoto

If you walk on the streets of Kyoto, you can find special paths called roji, koji, and zushi.

The view of Kyoto machiya townhouses lined along the narrow streets made by layers of stones and dirt, it is an image of Kyoto and somewhat nostalgic.

More and more stylish stores are opening up along Koyakunozushi street, one of the narrow streets close to Shijo Karasuma.

On this street you will find Takezasado, a store well-known for its wood-block printing, a cafe that is famous for fruit sandwiches, a rental kimono store, and many other variety of stores.

On the other hand, the south of zushi lies the house of Sugimoto family that has been protecting the traditional livelihood of local leaders (the house is an important cultural property of the nation!).

One can encounter the landscape of Kyoto where tradition and modernity coexist.

For more information about the wood block producer from Takezasado, Takenaka Kenji, please click here.

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